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Pennies From Heaven- I Want to Offer this Book to Hospice, Funeral Homes, Churches, etc.

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies from Heaven is not a a how too book about grief. There is no such  thing. It is instead a book that is filled with stories written by other people who have dealt with death and grief and came out on the other side. It is stories filled with raw emotions – where souls have been stripped to the core. You may ask why would someone put that much emotion out there for others to read. The reason is simple they knew that grief is worse than hard- sometimes it is impossible.

What my mission has become it to find places where this book can do the most good. I started with Hospice. The reason is simple. After the machines are turned off, after the death pronouncement is  made and after the family is shown the door, the next thing they get is the bill. Wouldn’t it be nice that before the bill arrives in the mail, and before they were escorted out the door they received something they could hold on too. Something they could read when they are alone after all the others have left. Something that would offer them comfort, hope and strength when there is no one there but them.

No one knows or understand the feeling of complete loneliness when they have lost someone they love until they experience it and they are home alone- When they have to fight the pain of sorrow, anger, denial, and guilt of surviving alone. Yes, it does happen all the time. What if they had this book they could pick up and read a story and hear that they they are not alone, to know that someone understood those feelings.

Pennies from Heaven can offer that.

So I decided to start with Hospice- however- I want to include Funeral homes, Chaplains, Churches- grief counselors   – You see there are times when a grief stricken person doesn’t want to talk or listen- but they can read in the privacy of their own home. They can see that others have gone through the process.

No this is not a how too book there is no such thing. Each death and each grieving is unique to that person. There is no time period no set standard, no set of rules. Grief is personal and many times private because people do not know how to reach out. They believe that no one has ever gone through what they have gone through. While on one level that is true- each person’s grief is unique to them. However, we have all lost loved ones to death- it is the circle of life. Understanding that may help someone to know that they are not alone. Pennies from Heaven does that.

So this is a reaching out to others, if you know a church, a funeral director, hospice, chaplain (even military) leave me a comment here or contact me. This book has purpose. It fills a need


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