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If You Haven’t Stopped by the Dark Apostle’s Hour You Should

For those of you who have known me for a while know that I have a friend and fellow author by the name of Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. She has co-authored some books with me. Yes, we think in the same vein. She also is an author in her own right. She no longer writes, but she does some very wicked things – things that you want to know about.

She has a site on You Tube and facebook, well actually two of them one is called The Dark Apostle’s Hour – This is where she regals us with short stories and dark poems. She has a multitude of wicked followers. You want to subscribe to her you tube. She has fourteen episodes so far with more to come. You also want to subscribe to her other you tube show.  I know you want to check her out!!!! Oh and yes here are some of her books.

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc Facebook

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc


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