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Surprises are Coming

It is a good day. Well anytime I am on this side of the dirt it is a good day. With that being said, let me just bring all of my minions up to speed as to things that have been happening. After the year got off to a rocky start, they have finally settled down and I am moving forward with some projects.

 I know I haven’t published a new book in a while,  however that will be remedied soon. I have several in my cauldron and they are boiling up nicely. Second not only are my books doing quite well on Amazon Kindle they are picking up on the book side. They are now being published through Dressing your Book which prints from Lightening source which distributes through the two distributors Ingram and Baker and Taylor- so if you go to your favorite book store and ask for my book and they don’t have it – they can order it for you. If enough people ask for them – they will start stocking them. 

Now with the basic stuff out of the way – let me just tell each of you what is coming down the pike. For those of you who loved the When Fates Collide Series, well you will have the opportunity of listening on audio soon. Both on CD and mp3. We are going into production with the first two  





These two little books are the first two in the series and will be released together.

Now on to the book I am currently working on. Let;s just say, the bad guys is Mad as a Hatter. view two mad hatter's hat

I am also working on something that is very close to me- something that I have been fighting for several years. That is the corruption of Child Protective Services. They took three of my grandchildren and made money off of them.

So life is moving forward. Books are being written and audio books are in production. This year is full of great things

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How Many of You Know Who Nicholas Grabowsky is?

For several years I have had the honor and pleasure of being able to call Nickolas Grabowsky one of my most wonderful friends.  Yes, I know you are saying so what. Big Deal. But you see boys and girls I bet most of you have no clue who this wonderful human being and author is. See I told you that you didn’t know him. So let me just sit you down and introduce you to the boy. Starting with a bit of history. That history goes all the way back to the Horror Films Halloween. You know the ones with all the numbers behind them – the ones that starred Michael Myers. Yeah, that one. Okay now I have your attention. Nicholas was the person behind Michael Myers- he was the one who made Myers famous. That’s right behind every successful person is someone who makes them famous. Nicholas is that person.   Yes indeed the one and only. This same wonderful person has continued with his love of horror and things that go bump in the night by setting up his own publishing house. Yes, it gets even better. He publishes some of the best horror authors around.  He has also written some of the best horror around right up there with the Stephen Kings of this world Nick   The Everborn is just one of his many horror goodies. Nick also have his own website and bookstore filled with things that go bump in the night. I know you all are just dying to get your bloody little hands on them and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better he is on facebook and loves getting new friends Now all that isn’t even the best part he and a few of his evil minions have just put together a book to beat all horror books. He has put together an anthology filled with things to creep you out, to keep you up at night and to stop you from walking down dark alleys. Oh yes indeed- the master of horror has gathered his minions and put together an explosion of such horror that you will be thrilled to death to read. (did you like that play one words?) The book is Titled “Read Us or Die” – Sounds like a thrill ride to me. Now that you are well armed with an over load of information there is no need to NOT to hunt my friend down and buy his books, his authors books and tout his name all over the place. You won’t be sorry and you will be scared happy. I know that is an oxymoron but it works. Oh and as just as side note, Nick will be in my upcoming anthology for Halloween along with many more authors and writers. If we have enough we will be released two books and yes Nick’s story will be in both. So see there is not reason not to get on board with the Horror Train. It is coming and it coming for you!!!!!! Photo: READ US OR DIE! Our first anthology is available for pre-order, print-only (ebooks available soon)! SUPPORT OUR AUTHORS and take a look at how we're changing the world of horror fiction, in one strong voice! If you haven't read us, let us show you what you're missing! Special antho-exclusive story THE NIGHT SHUBS by the publisher, wrapped up in terrifying tales you'll remember for the rest of your lives! $20 bucks plus three ebooks of any other title by our authors, FREE!

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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And You All Thought I was Just An Author

Most of you who don’t know me personally probably thought I was just an author. Someone who wrote fiction and true crime. What you might or might not have known about me is this. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I refuse to use the term victim. I survived and I became stronger because of it not in spite of it. I have been in the abyss. I know how hard it is to leave and and I know what happens when one tries to leave.

I said all this to say this. On September 14th I will be at the Harvest Food and Outreach Center in Fort Pierce to speak to women who have been and may still be in a domestic abuse situation. People who have not been in that abyss have no clue how much suffering emotionally, physically and mentally abuse creates. The worst thing someone can say to someone who is in that situation is “Why don’t you just leave?”

One should never ever ask that question. The abused is already feeling worthless and to ask that question makes it worse.I will be speaking on the ways to leave, with a plan.

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My Target Market for The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

As most of you know I write in a variety of genres. It just depends on the mood of the voices in my head. The book that will be released soon  titled The Pink Canary was inspired by a friend of mine who is into Camaros. She had seen a pink camaro and was texting someone that she had seen it. She misspelled Camaro and it wound up being Canary. Now I do not believe in coincidence I believe things happen for a reason.

As soon as she told me what she had done the story was created. I knew I had to tap into a new market. One that I had never written for before. The beauty was I had the suport of my best friend who just happens to be gay. He was all for it. But then he is biased anyway.

Before I even started the book which happens to be about a Drag Queen who owns a club in Key West, I went hunting for research. It was a two fold mission. One I wanted to know everything I could about the culture , the dialouge and the life of Drag Queens. Second I wanted to be respectful of that profession and the gay community in general as well as be entertaining.

During my quest for knowledge I looked up professional Drag Queens who have performed on stage. I watched videos, read their websites and listened to them. One in particular has become a wonderful friend and mentor. Her name is Vicky Lane. She performed for over 40 years in New York and Canada. She didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, but when I contacted her and explained to her my project she came on board like she had known me for years. I could not have written this book in the vein I wrote it had it not been for her help. Vicky I owe you so much.

The One and Only Vicky Lane

She is on my friends page on facebook hook up with her.

She is amazing

My best friend Peter what would I do without him. In the Pink Canary he is Penelope. The comedy routine that Penelope performs really happened to Peter. When I heard the story I laughed until I cried. Peter has been one of my biggest fans since day one. He truly is a diamond. I cherish his friendship and love him like a brother. The costume and outfits really exist. I have proof.

Peter aka Penelope

This is the second outfit Penelope wears she adds the horrid scarf. This is one book that you not only will not want to miss, but you will want to share with everyone you know.

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Spirit Cove not just a bath shop

Today I received a couple of samples of some of the best bath scrub for face and body I have ever used. Not only do I feel great I smell wonderful. The name of this one of a kind shop is Spirit Cove. It is owned and operated by Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson. She is a multi talented artist. She is a published author or poetry, a licensed Reverend and spiritualist. Her shop Spirit Cove offers handmade bath and body products that are to absolutely to die for. Her handmade items include signature gift baskets, inspirational greeting cards, handmade decor items, jewelry, candles and so many other wonderful things. She also gives psychic readings, shamanic house clearings, energy healings spiritual counseling, group meditations and so many other things, her website is and her online shop is

Now the reason for this blog is the wonderful sexy and soothing bath scurbs. I just finished using the honey,chocolate scrub on my face and body, not only did the dead skin fall off in sheets, it made my body feel fresh and clean. No amount of soup no matter the brand has ever done that for me. All of her scrubs are handcrafted with just the right amount of oils and natural ingredients including honey.

If you are looking for a natural scrub that not only works but makes you feel great check it out.

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Yesterday’s Interview at The Breeze Radio Station 93.7 in Vero Beach

Geoff Moore and I at 93.7 The Breeze Radio Station

Geoff went down - he was such a good sport.

Geoff Moore and Yvonne Mason

Yeseterday I had the most awesome interview on The Breeze Radio Station on 93.7 FM – Dana and Geoff the early morning crew are top drawer. They welcomed me with open arms and wanted to know everything they could find out. Well, everything that was legal. (Kidding)

The highlight of the morning after I arrived late thanks to my multiple personality GPS system was the take down at the end of the interview. Geoff wanted to see if I could take him down since he knew I had taken Martial Arts before I moved to Florida. Geoff had also taken Martial Arts and He like me has a degree in Criminal Justice. He also is an ex cop. Cops so rock.
It has been six years since I did any matial arts and I thought I had forgotten everything I knew. I was wrong. Let me just set the stage. We got together before the little role playing and he said he was going to get in my face and yell and scream and just basicly be a typical criminal. I said “Okay”- then he wanted me to show him what I was going to do. I showed him.
We got into the moment and my training took over. As We stood there him yelling, Dana giving a blow by blow account to the listeners- my friend Cindy taking photos, I let him rant. All part of the act. Then I quietly said, “You really want to do this?”
It threw him off for just a second. Bless his heart he didn’t know what I was going to do. that was all I needed. He went down. Training was still there. He was a good sport about it and I apologized because I felt so bad. I hope some day he can find it in his heart to forgive me. He is really a good guy.

The beautiful thing was it was a great interview. Dana and Geoff are very gracious hosts with a wicked sense of humor. They treated me like family, even if I did try to kill Geoff, hopefully he won’t hold that against me. If you haven’t listened to them in the morning from 5-9AM in 93.7 you should. (This is for those of you who live between Vero and Palm Beach)
Their humor is sardonic and funny. They love their listeners and enjoy pranks. Every day is clown day.
I am honored that they wanted me to be a part of their day if just for a few minutes. I feel as if I have made two new friends. They made my week by allowing me to be a part of their day for that few short minutes. Thank you guys for the day.

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An Exception to My Rule- Adding a Blog About the Unprofessional treatment at Beals Department Store

I am breaking one of my rules on this site- but it is my site so I can. However, on the other hand this could be an example of how not to treat people no matter what you do. So here goes.
I guess I am just old school but I was taught from the time I started working for my dad in his business at five years old that the customer is always the customer even when that customer is wrong. And if you as the business owner want that customer’s return business you must understand that the customer is indeed your boss. That is how I have always tried to treat my customers no matter the job I was in at the time whether it was collections, retail, or doing what I do now – so with that being said let me tell you what happened on Monday at Beals Department Store on US1 in Port St Lucie Florida.

I had received a gift card from my daughter in law for Christmas. So I decided that while my girlfriend was visitng that we would go shopping – I hate shopping so it was good that she went with me. I needed a new pair of houseshoes and off we went. While in Beals which by the way I can never ever find anything to fit me shoes or clothes we walked around the store for over two hours and finally found one pair of dearforms in size 5 – then we found a killer grey jacket on sale aloang with a top and another neat little cover up. Yep we were on a roll. I was a happy camper not only had I found some neat clothes they were all and I repeat all on sale. $300.00 dollars worth of clothes for only $118.00 – I was in heaven.

Off we go to the check out counter and stand in line for get this 20 minutes. But all was well. I was still a happy camper. We get to the register and I explain to the cashier that I will be using my gift card and any overage I would pay for with my credit card. No problem! I happily and gleefully stand there while he rings up my treasures. I loved that jacket.
He takes my gift card and puts it through the system! Then he says
“I am sorry our system is down and it won’t take it? Do you want to pay for it with another form of payment or we can hold your things until tomorrow and you can come back?”
Excuse me? You have no way to accept my gift card because your server is down? You have no way to accomdate a customer because you rely on a server that decided to have a brain fart? Where is your manager?
So he calls one to the register where there is still a line behind me all the way back to the mens section.
This cute blond comes happily pushing a buggy up to me and says “Do you need a buggy?” What?
I replied “No, I need a manager.” Her reply was “What can I do for you?”
I said, “Are you a manager?” She said, “Yes the Store Manager.”
Great now we are getting someplace. I explained to her my problem. She looked at me like I had two heads.
Her response was, as she made a circle around her face with her hands, ” Do I look like the world wide web? I can’t help you!” This comment was made in a very condensending voice –
Well, that set me off as much as I wanted to fall to her level and explain to her in no uncertain terms just how unprofessional she was, I just quietly hand my treasures back to her and said, “Well you just lost a sale.” I turned and walked out of the door.

It gets better. I had about 20 minutes to think about this confrontation as I drove home. When I got home I called corporate and spoke to the supervisor named Fredrick. He was all apologic and said that he would fix it. According to him apparently the server was down in four stores in our area, and the gift card server is separate from the credit card server.
He asked me what would it take, I told him and he said that he would call me back on Tuesday and it would be resolved. Today is Wednesday. I told him when I talked to him that all of our family shopped at Beals and because of this episoded that that would cease immediatly. And that I would be blogging about it.
I gave him his required 48 hours. He didn’t call me yesterday like he said he would – so yours truely will not be going back to Beals for any reason.
The manager at the store had a way to make me happy, according to Fredrick she could have called corporate and had them do a manual transaction to keep her customer happy. However, she chose not to. Apparently she made what ever problems she was having that day my problem and I fixed it for her. I will never shop there again nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.
I told Fredrick if I treated my customers the way I was treated my books would never sell!
So if you are in the south Florida or Florida area don’t shop at Beals!!!!!

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A New Offering – One That will make a great Stocking Stuffer!

Silent Scream Collector Playing Cards

When Fates Collide Collector Playing Cards

Tangled Minds

The Last Rites

When Fates Collide- Mardi Gras Bound


Brilliant Insanity- Collector Playing Cards

A Vocie From the Grave- Collector Playing Cards

Okay we all know it is getting near to the silly season- otherwise known as Christmas. You know that time of year when the Jolly, Fat Man in a red suit and white beard and hair- makes his rounds via his eight tiny reindeer and his read sleigh. Most of us run around at the last minute looking for that special gift- you know the one that won’t wind up in the top of a closet – or in the bottom of a cabinet never to be seen again.

Well kiddies- Santa has drafted me to help him this year solve that never ending problem. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your chair at home or work. I have several offerings on my online bookstore at

As you all know all of my books are listed there. When you purchase them they do arrive signed to what ever person you are giving it too. I am also listing gift certificates – currently there are $20.00, $40.00 and $50.00 if you need one that is not listed all you have to do is contact me at and I will post the amount you wish to purchase. I can even add the name of the person you are giving it to as well as send it to that person if that is your wish.
Today I have added another set of goodies that will make great stocking stuffers. They can only be found on this site. I have included collector playing cards which have one of my books covers on each deck. When you order them They will be signed by me and I can personelize them for that special someone.
If you wish to have any of my product sent directly to the person you are puchashing it for- I can do that as well. I am also offering gift wrapping at not charge.

As an indenpendant author I have to think outside of the box. I have to offer things that no one else does.
So I wanted to make your Christmas a more pleasant experience. Hence a recap-
Books, Gift certificates, collector playing cards – free gift wrapping- signed by me- Personalized- Priority Shipping- Drop ship to the recipient.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Dream Catcher Failure Was Never An Option- Collector Playing Cards


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My Interview on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with True Murder on Blog Talk Radio

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