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Marketing with Videos

In this world of tecnology we as writers are always on the hunt for ways to promote our work and ourselves. Videos is just another avenue to be able to do that. As an independant author I have taken that road and do it very well. If you are interested in having me building and promote a video for you let me know. I will also do videos of other things of interst to you such as your pet.
Pricing is as follows:

$15.00- if you provide the mp3 audio and pictures (however, I reserve the right to use one that fit better if I feel these really don’t fit) You want your best foot forward
$20.00 if you provide the mp3 audio and I provide the pictures
$30.00 if I porvide the mp3 audio and the photos
Included in this price is your own copy which will be emailed to you, uploading on my you tube site, and optomized on all of my other twenty sites. If you so desire I will even mail you a copy on a DVD so that you can have it for your records. If you are interested you can email me at
Below are some of my videos:

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