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A Cry for Help From One Artist to Another

As most of you know I am currently working on a new book titled The Pink Canary. No, it is not about a pink  canary and no it is not a love story.  What I will tell you is it is filled with crime scenes, twists and turns and other off the wall humor that only the voices in my head can produce.  I am working with my best friend who is gay and one of the funniest people I know, however, I need more input from the gay community especially those of you who perform in drag. You see the plot revolves around a Drag Queen club and its owner in Key West.

When I start a project and I am not proficient in the subject matter I do alot of research. The reason is simple the story has to be believable, if not then it will not be interesting to the reader. There are nuances that make the story – nuances that I am not familiar with  for instance name brand gowns, price range, name brand makeup, name brand shoes, length of time it takes to put on makeup for a show, favorite music artists that performers sing the most.

I have done some research, but I don’t think it is quite enough. If there is anyone out there who is willing to give me a hand here, of course you will be recognized in my acknowledgments.  My goal is to reach a new audience and in order to do that I have to understand the who, what, when, where and how. I want to know all I can about the Drag Queen entertainment world, I want my readers to read the book, enjoy the book and feel as if they are in the book.

I do know that not all Drag Queens are gay that some of them are just performers. I also know that as with all performers this is a craft and one that must be perfected. So that being said, if there are any of you out there who are willing to help a girl out, I would be forever in your debt.

The Pink Canary

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Another Five Star Review For A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave


A Voice From the Grave gets another Five Star Review

A Historical Fiction that takes the reader between all the years from the civil war to present day.


5.0 out of 5 stars Sad but True: Civil War in America,April 18, 2012
This review is from: A Voice from the Grave (Audible Audio Edition)

A Voice from the Grave provides historical fiction coupled with the human side of this terrible war. Yvonne Mason offers details that bring the characters from a long ago war to connect readers with the love, pain, and suffering that war brings to every generation. The story offers a real mystery with an interesting turn of events. A good read for history buffs.

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A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave is a historicaly correct novel set at Andersonville Prison in Andersonville, Ga. It was the worst prison camp during the cvil war. It was built in 1863 as the war was quickly coming to a close. It was built at the end of the rail line which was both a blessing and a curse. The curse was caused as Sherman made his march to the sea. The rail lines were destoryed and the supply trains were burned. There was not way that any supplies could make their way south to the prison. There were no supplies, no clothes and no food. The story takes place at Andersonville and includes two families who collide at the end. The link will take you to their official site and also an ad for my book which can be purchased in paperback, audio and audible for your kindle, it can also be purchased on Kindle and Nook. As well as and my online bookstore at

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Enjoy Historical Novels?

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

A Voice from the Grave is a historical novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first chapter. This lovely little book is available in paperback, ebook on both kinde and Nook and audio book. The audio book is in mp3 format so that you have the ability of listening to it on all of your elctronic devices. It may not play in some older model cars which do not have the mp3 format CD but it will play in all the new ones.

This book is currently sitting as #1,2, and 4 on currently popular under the Tag of Andersonville Prison.
If you love stories about the civil war, love reading history and love a good murder this little book has it all. It also has a twist that you didn’t expect.
A Voice from the Grave is historically correct, four years of research went into the writing of this book down to the buttons on the uniforms of the soliders.
This book will stay with you long after you have closed it, it will make you want to visit not only Andersonville but other civil war sites to feel the pain and suffering, death and destruction that Americans placed on each other all in the name of politics.
A Voice From the Grave can be purchased on Amazon, where you can also by the audio and download it to your Kindle. Amazon Kindle, Nook Book, BrookForest Voices (for the Audio) and my online book store at
This book should be read by every kid and adult. Even though it is fiction the history is there.

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My Newest Audio Book A Voice From the Grave

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

Now you can order my audio book A Voice From the Grave from my online bookstore. This book is created in the newest mp3 format. While you may not be able to listen to it in your car if it is an older model you can download and listen to it on all of your electronic devices. This books is amazing. It is one you will want to add to your library.
the link is

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Now that The Silly Season is Over…..

The Hero of New Orleans Jean Laffite

Now that the silly season is over the the world is once again back on track, I will begin to work on my next adventure. In fact there is more than one – but the one which will be released next is another historical fiction with a twist.
For those of you who have forgotten your American History, or just plain skipped those classes because you were bored, this book wake up those sleeping interest again.

No, it is not a boring history book. Yes the history will be correct and the two main characters were real. The place is real and the war was real. Do I have your interest now?

Well let’s start with the place. New Orleans- The city that was built below sea level, a melting pot of French, Spanish, English and African cultures. A city steeped in black magic, voodoo, spells and Catholic Religons. A city which blended all these cultures and religons into a melting pot of dark secrets and inner marriages, which created a new culture of creole and cajun.

New Orleans was a haven for the priates which roamed the seas pillaging ships from Spain, France and England. Among those pirates was a man by the name of Jean Laffite. History holds several theories of his origin his family and his death. None seem to agree on any of it. Partly due to the fact the Laffite helped to perpatrate those stories – he was a man of many places and many faces. His stories suited his situations.

However, there is one truth, Laffite helped save New Orleans during the War of 1812. He along with 1000 of his merry band fought with Col. Jackson to drive out the English from the shores of New Orleans. He and his men won that Battle which would later be known as the Battle of New Orleans.

Laffite would wear many titles during his lifetime, from Bucaneer to Pirate to Hero to Pirate.

I have taken a few liberties with my story- however the history is correct. Watch for this new release sometime during the new year. If you love History, New Orleans, Jean Laffite and Marie Laveau you will love this book.

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A Voice From The Grave Audio is Now Available

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

It has finally been released. A Voice From the Grave is now available in Audio Book Form. It was released by Brookforest Voices. It will be on Amazon shortly as well as itunes and all over outlets. However, if you want to be one of the first to own the wonderful historically fiction/ thriller. You can get it on my online bookstore at Don’t miss out.

This is a new format, it is created in mp3 format. As the reader you can listen to it on all of your electronic devices, ipad, ipod, iphones, computer, and even your kindle. The newer cars now have the CD where they now play in the mp3 format. This entire book is one one disk. There is no changing out of disk. It is perfect for that special someone who has visual impairment or mobility problems.

So come on be one of the first to own this treasure.

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Do You Have Trouble Getting Your Kids to Read History Because They Say It Is Boring?…

A Voice From the Grave Audio

How many of us sat in your history class and held our eyes open with toothpicks because the class was so boring. So many dates, name, places, battles, and blah, blah – blah- Snore!
Well I decided to make at least part of history fun to read. How many of you know about Andersonville, Ga? I thought so. How many of you know about Andersonville Prison? Again, I thought so.
So before I tell you about the fun part here is a mini history lesson.

Andersonville, Ga. is located in south west Georgia. During the war of Northern Agression is was at the end of the railline which provided supplies and transportation for both the north and south. The decision was made by the powers that be to build a prisoner of war camp in Georgia becasue the prison in Virginia was overflowing, winter was approaching and there was no place to put anymore men. There was no way to keep the men warm during the winter that far north.
The ideal place was Andersonville. It was at the end of the rail line it was away from the fighting and the weather was not that harsh. However, they didn’t count on the seasonal rains, the mud, the lack of water, the destruction of the rail lines and supply trains or that Sherman would make his march to the sea destroying everything including crops, rail lines, supply trains and lives including those of his own army.
My release A Voice From the Grave takes the reader on a historic ride through the Battle of Chickamaga, the decision to make Andersonville the site of the worst prison camp of the south, and the men who were involved. However, the story is told with a twist. The history is factual down to the buttons and belt buckles of the union soliders.
The plot is fiction- but it could have happened. The setting of the story is factual, Andersonville does exist as does the musuem, the visitor center and the curator of the museum.

This book is exciting- and a learning experience one that will stay with the reader once they have turned the last page. It will soon be available in Audio

A Voice From the Grave

The Book is currently available on Amazon, amazon kindle, nook book, itunes, and my online book store You the reader have the options to download to your iphone, ipad, ipod, computer and of course kindle or nookbook. When the audio book is released it will be in mp3 format and then you will be able to listen to it on your kndle, ipod, in your car on your computer and other devices with audio capablities.
There is no reason why you or your child should not love history.

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For Those of You Who Don’t Know……

Brilliant Insanity

For those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook, and I don’t know why you aren’t yet, and for those of you who are but don’t see my page all the time, listen up.

My book Brilliant Insanity is on Amazon Kindle best seller list and has stayed on there consistently since it was uploaded over two years ago.

If you enjoy reading stories about serial killers and especially serial killers with a twist then this book is for you. If you live in on the East Coast of Florida – especially near the Treasure Coast and have been to Archie’s on South Hutchinson Island then you will want to read this book. If you have ever been to Savannah or traveled on US1 between Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce then you want to read this book.

Brilliant Insanity is told in first person by the killer. He is smart- actually genius- manipulative- and different. He weaves his story with narcissism and glee. He makes his reader love to hate him and hate to love him. He has no remorse- but he wants understanding.

Brilliant Insanity was written while I was researching Silent Scream which is my true crime about Florida’s First Serial killer. The personality of my killer in Brilliant Insanity is close to Gerard Schaefer who killed between 9-34 young girls and women between 1966 and 1973.

Silent Scream A True Crime

Brilliant Insanity while fiction has the same traits as fact. Serial killers are narcissistic, sociopaths who really believe that what they are doing is okay. Most of them have an IQ that is on the genius level. They have no remorse and everything is always about them.

Even though Brilliant Insanity is Fiction there are lessons that can be learned from this book- Silent Scream is full of lessons as well as showing the reader the pain, torture, and suffering that Schaefer’s victims suffered.

All of my books can be found on Amazon Kindle, Nook Book,, Amazon and my online bookstore

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The Christmas Present Quandry

Every year there is someone on your Christmas list that you have no clue what to buy them. Every year you wonder through the stores, the mail order catalogs and the online stores scratching your head and mumbling to yourself wondering what you are going to get the person who has everything. Well, this year, fear not, your problem is solved. This is the year books are vogue. This is the year that books can be read on some many devices. This is year you can be a hero.
There are so many indie authors out there who have books just begging to be read, wonderful authors who write everything from inspiration to romance, to murder mystery to vampires to you name it – it is out there.
With so many of our favorite traditional authors dying off isn’t it time to try something new? Isn’t it time to try and indie author.
For those of you who have no clue what an Indie author is – indulge me a moment of your time. We are those authors who have chosen to publish and market our own work. We are those authors who are tired of being rejected by traditional agents and publishers who think our voice is not good enough. We are those authors who believe that what we have to offer is just as good if not better. We are not hampered by conditions set by traditional publishers. We don’t have to sell our soul in order to be published. WE have control of our book, our cover and our marketing. We can do what we want to – go to any event we want to and sign what we want to. We don’t have our books slashed to pieces by some unknown entity just because they want a certain word count. We write what we want to when we want to. We don’t have to mass produce dribble just because of a contract. We can take our time and produce quality work and a great story.
So that being said, back to Christmas. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You can order our books from places like,,, Barnes and noble and yes even nookbook and amazon kindle. Some of us even have our own online bookstores, such as
We can be found on facebook and other places. All you have to do is contact us and we are more than happy to respond. We don’t respond through an agent or other entity. When you hear from us it is real. If you want the book personally autographed to a loved one we do that to.
I am working on gift certificates so that your purchases can be made easier. I take credit cards at all my events.
We are the up and coming thing in books. Give us a try, I know you will like us. Check out you will see many book reviews – these books are all written by indie authors.
Give something different for Christmas this year- give a book by an indie author.
Support free enterprise.

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