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More Poe!!!

For those of you who love Edgar Allen Poe I have a new podcast up where I read three more of his poems. He has always been one of my favorite authors. He was never appreciated for his work until long after he was gone. In fact, friends and family tried their best to discourage him from writing. But any of you who are artists, know it is not something we can do. If we don’t work our craft it drives us crazy. The three poems I read are not ones that are well known, however they are powerful. Edgar Allen Poe

If you haven’t yet read this great author you should.

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I Close this year 2015 With This Podcast

As 2015 draws to a close I want to leave you with a podcast that includes the writings of one of my favorite authors. I have read this author since I was a child. His movie The House of Usher with Vincent Price was the first horror movie I ever saw. It has remained the only horror movie that I have ever enjoyed watching. It was more gothic, suspense rather than horror. This author was never fully appreciated until after his death -even though he continued to write and publishing up until his death. His passion for life, emotions and his ability to get inside the inner core of one’s psychic has yet to be accomplished by any other writer I have read. The author about whom I speak is Edgar Allan Poe- There is no other like him.
So with that being said, I hope you enjoy the three poems I read on this podcast Edgar Allan Poe

May 2016 bring you the best in life.

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New Podcast Has Been Uploaded

Blessings from the Darkness

In light of the recent events I wanted to post this podcast. It is a poem written by my friend Michael Gersony and the title needs no explanation. Freedom comes with a price- out young people have lost sight of this. They believe they are entitled without contributing. They want to free everything. They want to start at the top without paying their dues. That is not what life is about. Nothing is free!

Do You Know What it is to be FREE?

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Now All of You Can Hear My Podcasts on Itunes

I have added yet another layer to my marketing quiver I am now on itunes under podcasts. You can go in your search engine and type Yvonne Mason or you can link it here. – There will be more podcast as time goes on. This is just two of the links there are more. So go have fun. Listen and share and add them to your library- the beauty if all of this is it is FREE!!!!! I will post updates on upcoming events books and other wonderful tidbits.

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My Magnolia Memories and Musings by Patricia Neely- Dorsey A Review

My Magnolia Memories and Musings


Patricia Neely- Dorsey born and raised in Mississippi has penned her second book. It is just a moving as the first.

Here is my take on the lovely lovely book:

If you have never been to the true south. The south where repsect is shown with Sir and Maam by young and old. Where the life is laid back and the living is easy, where you don’t have to know someone to wave to them, then you need to read the latest release “My Magnolia Memories and Musings” by Patricia Neely- Dorsey. Ms. Dorsey is a native southerner. Being southern is not learned it is bred and she is a true bred southerner.
She takes the reader down country roads, in country churches, around supper tables,the cotillions which were a girls coming out partyand last but not least she show the reader the true Steel Magnolias. The southern women who have a iron fist in a velvet glove.
As I read her poems it took me back to a simpler time when doors were left unlocked and people sat on the front porch and waved to passerbys. To warm summer nights and sweet ice tea.

This book along with her first one¬†–Life-Poems/dp/097962942X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1338385460&sr=1-1 should be on every book shelf of every person alive. It is the true south.

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Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman (A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry on Life, Love, Loss and Longing)

If you haven’t yet read this wonderful author you are missing out. Currently this wonderful little book is only available on Amazon Kindle and it is well worth the read. Ms. Fontainne knows about heart ache, pain and the true grit of being a southern woman – one who has to maintain that stiff upper lip no matter what happens. This is my review of her latest and intriguing book Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman, (A Collection of short stories and Poetry on life, love, Loss and Longing). We as women have all been there at one time or another. Ms. Fontainne brings our inner souls to life.

Ashley Fontainne has crawled into the mind of most women who have ever been loved – cheated on and left. She has crawled into our deepest closets and pulled out all the skeletons that reside there. From the very first poem to the last short story page Ms. Fontainne delves into the heart and souls of human nature. There is a fine line between love and hate and Ms. Fontainne straddles it like a high wire act.
But, through it all she maintains her faith in her God, her family and her self.
She has put on paper what most of us feel at one time or another but are just to frightened to admit it.
A Five star read for sure.

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