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Adding a new Podcast

As most of you know I am always evolving. I do not like to become stagnate. Today I have launched a new podcast – the podcast is for inspiration. It can be found at Inspirational Musings

the purpose of this podcast is to inspire, and encourage each of you to live your dream. To reach for your goal no matter how the wheel turns. I am planning to add other podcasts to this site – there are many things in my life that I wish to share- some may not be your cup of tea- however if you chose to listen please listen with an open mind. I hope to bring you informative and fun things. I might even throw in a bit of comedy. Yes, believe it or not I can be funny. So please join me and follow me.
I still have my podcast on sound cloud and will continue to post there as well. You can also find me on itunes.
Author Yvonne Mason

Join me learn, have fun and succeed

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When Fates Collide Series

It doesn’t get any stranger when you hook up a loner female bounty hunter with a mousy emphatic secretary out to get their man. Add a few strange characters and you get one heck of a rid. Welcome to WHEN FATES COLLIDE

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

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For Those of You Who Have Not Yet Read When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

When Fates Collide

For those of you who have not yet read the series I write with the great Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc now is the time – This series is a comedy about a mousy secretary who has no life and a female Bounty Hunter who avoids friends especially female friends like the plague. The series is title When Fates Collide and if you do not like to laugh then you do not want to start this series. To get you the reader started we are offering the kindle version for just .99 on Amazon

The second in the series When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound comes with a disclaimer that we are not responsible for wet clothing due to excessive belly laughter.

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

When Fates Collide Mardi Gras Bound

The Third in the Series which we just released is titled When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

When Fates Collide Arm Candy

These books are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone in ways they have never been tickled before.

And to add to the joy of owning these books all the monies earned from them will go toward the treatment of Andrea’s little Boston Terrier for Cancer. So please help her to save her wee one by purchasing these books. Even if you don’t have a kindle you can read them on any electronic device. Two of them are also in paperback on Amazon – The first one When Fates Collide can be found in paperback at

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Gentleman’s Quarterly and Phil Robertson Revisited

Yesterday most of you know that I wrote a blog about the insane madness surrounding an interview with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. If you recall I also stated that I had many friends in the gay community who were supporting Phil’s interview who understood even though GLADD chose not to that Phil was only stating his opinion and not “gay bashing”. Well today I have read the entire interview, watched the representative from GLADD who started this insanity and talked to my very best friend who was also a character in my book The Pink Canary. Some of you may have known him as the character Penelope. His real name is Peter Fondura and yes I have his permission to write this blog. So with that being said let me just start by saying if one reads the entire article and not just pick and choose those things which meet with their agenda – yes GLADD I am talking about you- then one will see that Phil was not mean spirited nor was he ugly. He is just a true southern redneck albeit a very educated one who when asked a question answers it to his ability. He does not sugar coat his answers with platitudes and sweetness what you see is what you get. Unlike the minions in Washington and those like GLADD who have their own agenda and are proficient in double speak. With southerners like myself one always knows where one stands on issues. So if you don’t want to do not ask.

Okay now that we are straight on the lingo let me continue with the meat of the matter. The interview which by the way is Titled “What The Duck?” that in itself could be considered insulting because it is one of the double innuendos used in this article. The article written by Drew Magary appears on the surface to be genuine in that he appears to really want to understand the southern culture and the faith of this family. However, if one reads between the lines it is full of sarcasm and baiting. He wants to believe that Phil is not as smart as he is, that he is just an ignorant backwoods redneck with a bigoted philosophy. He can’t understand how this family lives off the land, loves their family and lives their faith.

Which not brings me to my next point. During this interview Mr. Magary appears to be agast at the hospitality afforded him at the Robertson’s home. They did not treat him like he was big interviewer he was treated like one of the family yes that is again southern hospitality. What did he expect? He had already assumed they were redneck uneducated backwoods gun toting, Bible Thumping men so why change the prospective. MR. Magary intentionally asked the question “What do you think is sin?” Again when someone asks a southerner a question be prepared for an answer and yes it will be mind jolting it is just part of our culture. Then when he had the nerve to ask about, how did he put it oh yes “growing up in the pre- civil rights era” Phil told him what he encountered – and now the left wants to nail him to the cross for that one. Well again, Phil was very honest- he was “poor white trash” and he worked and lived along side of the blacks in his area. They lived together, prayed together, laughed together, worshiped together and cried and sang together. Sorry Mr. Magary he couldn’t lie and tell you he saw anyone being mistreated. You see all of them including Phil’s family was trying to just survive they all worked those cotton fields just to get by. So before the NAACP and the REV up REVs get their panties in a wad- he didn’t say anything against blacks.

Okay moving on to the thing with GLADD- maybe they should change their name to something else. Another story for another time. This is where my friend Peter aka Penelope comes into the big picture. You see my friends he is gay and has been in a relationship for a long long time. He is one of those rare people who is comfortable being who he is. He doesn’t need GLADD or any of those other limp minded organizations to vilify him. We had a conversation this morning about this whole thing and this is what he said,

” I have nothing against Duck Dynasty.My nephew turned me on too them.
I’m offended by Homosexuals too Lol”

” I’ve been quiet about this because I just think it’s silly.I don’t see the big fuss over it.
I wasn’t offended one bit.He has his opinion.He never once said he hated gays.People need to get over it!!!”

This is just a few of the statements he made. The people in gay community who are comfortable in who they are do not need GLADD to hold their hand or speak out on their behalf. They have it covered. They are okay. Sadly the representative who spoke with Megan Kelly last night from GLADD apparently is not comfortable in his skin. His body language said it all.

So let us recap the bottom line comes down to this. Anyone who dares answer questions in an honest way- who has an opinion that goes against all the special interest groups the seek to sow discord, lives a life they feel is faithful to their God, loves their family, loves to live off the land (by the way where do you think you get your roast duck from) and loves humanity without conditions should be nailed to the cross for their beliefs.
There is something seriously wrong with this picture. I leave it for you to decide what it is.

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Baiting Sells Newspapers and Magazines!

Ever since I first heard about the GQ article and the interview with one of America’s most loved icons I have been reading what others have said including the gay community and thinking about how I would write this blog. I have arrived at a couple of conclusions. First let me say, I am a Christian I believe in God, the Bible and all that goes with it. I have faith in those things which I can not see. I also believe in our rights and one of those rights is the ability to state our opinion when asked. While it may not always be the “popular” opinion we are entitled to those opinions. That being said let me give you my take on this for what it is worth.

First and foremost, those who are in the gay community (and I have many friends who are of that persuasion) and are comfortable in their skin have stood behind Phil and his statement. They understood that he was expressing his belief and his faith. They understand that under the rights we enjoy he can do that and should not be persecuted for it.
They also understand that if he is censored for his belief then they also stand the same chance of being censored in their lifestyle and opinions.

Second,As a nation we have become jaded on so many levels. We hold Miley Cyrus up as a fine example of how our girls should behave then wonder what happens when she gets raped or worse and yet we condemn a man who has no problem stating out loud his faith and his beliefs. We allow soft porn to be shown in prime time when our children are watching TV and that is okay. Disney is allowed to use innuendos in their movies in order to make it more interesting for the adults who have to carry their kids to the movies in order to sell tickets.

There are very few if any shows or movies now made that doesn’t feel that in order to make the said film more powerful that explicit sex scenes have to be shown even if it has nothing at all to do with the plot. The young entertainers in the music industry feel they have to be undressed and gyrate all over each other in order to perform. IF they really believed in the talent they say they have this would not be part of the act.

We allow and encourage our comedians to use language that is like running fingernails down a chalkboard.

All of these things we accept without question, in fact we pay good money to go see them and if we are told that we could no longer have these icons, there would be hell to pay. Boycotts, articles in the papers and magazine, breaking news reports, lawsuits, and a number of other outrages.

However, when it comes to a man who speaks up for what he believes these same people are the first ones to nail him to a cross. We as a nation have become so jaded and so intolerant that we have forgotten that each and every one of us is entitled to our belief, no matter what that belief is. We are entitled to voice that belief especially when we are asked about that belief. I have lived by a mantra most of my life, “If you don’t want to know then don’t ask.” The reason is you might now want to hear what I have to say.

Everyone who has ever watched the Duck Dynasty knows where this family stands, they understand that they have certain beliefs and faiths. Those who have never watched it or are jealous of the success of this family will never understand that premise. GQ(Gentlemen’s Quarterly) will never get it. Neither will those who have closed minds and narrowed beliefs. Those who are not comfortable in their own beliefs and faiths and those who are always looking to tear down others because they are not comfortable in those beliefs and faiths.

A&E is one of those in the latter category. They have always known how this family feels. They have known since day one. To pretend righteous indignation now is hypocritical at best and stupid at worst. If this had been a Miley Cyrus article and she had made or done anything like swinging naked on a ball they would have built a show around it. Again we have become jaded.

My last point in this episode of How Stupid are We is this, if you do not like to watch Duck Dynasty turn the channel, if you are offended grow a pair- That is what my brother who is challenged had to do many many years ago when he was called Retarded by a neighbor hood boy. Yes, he is retarded and no I will not be politically correct. That is what he is. He knows it our family knows it in fact the entire world knows it. That being said, when some idiot person decides to use that term he looks at them like they have two heads. The reason he knows it is only words and those words can not effect who he is. That is a warm loving – kind successful man.

AS for the A&E channel- you are the losers. You who knew about this family before you ever wanted them to do a show, you who became a byword and a must watch channel because of this family. Shame on you! Shame on you for being so narrow minded – blind and so stupid that you would not back the very hand that feeds you. Instead of driving a wedge because of your actions you have united two different sides of the fence. You have done what many have said could not be done.

Unless Phil is brought back and unless a apology is given to that family I and my house will not be watching anything on A&E again. Oh and by the way the Bonnie and Clyde movie was not even worth watching. Poorly done in script and acting. But that review is for another day and time.

One final thought- no matter your faith, not matter your belief never be afraid to speak out. Do not hide your light under a bushel for when you do – pretty soon it will go out.

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Soon You Will be Able to Take The Pink Canary with You

That’s right you heard it here. The Pink Canary is in audio production. Soon you will be able to carry Lola, Penelope and Vicky with you as yo go running, driving, traveling or whatever you do when you are out. The Pink Canary in all of her Pinkness is currently being produced by Brook Forest Voices. They have produced two of my other books Dream Catcher Failure was Never an Option and A Voice From the Grave.

The Pink Canary

The Pink Canary

If you haven’t yet read The Pink Canary you are missing out.

“There are bodies piling up in Key West…. Serial Killer? The bodies showing up outside a famous drag bar….is that a clue or a coincidence? A book that delves into the Life of a Drag Queen and a marvelous “Who done it?” Clever! Let’s go into their world of Mascara and Stiletto Heels and observe. Who could be killing all these gay men and why?

Yvonne Mason is the master, or mistress, of mystery in this rip roaring, fishnet stocking twisiting comedy mystery tale. This story could very well could have really happened as Yvonne Mason connects this story with some undisputed truth and history of NYC underworld and the “World Famous 82 Club”… it just might have happened, see for yourself…

The local detectives and cops go on a case that has been haunting the head detective and the main character since their days in the Big Apple. Does the detective has a love/hate relationship with the Drag Queen or is it a lot less Hate and more Love than admitted? Exciting and Hilarious! Who will be next on the list of murder?

The story is as seen through the main character’s eyes and what eyes they are! Lou the mild mannered detective by day and Lola a FABULOUS drag queen by night who can get into all kinds of trouble!! How her friends try to help her find the killer and catch the monster behind these unspeakable murders.

I have been a Drag Queen for over 40 years and this is the first time I have been asked to collaborate on a book. Drag Queens are my speciality and I have worked in Cabaret shows since 1968 as well as extensively in Musical Theater, Television, Radio and Films. I really was excited and honored to help with the book and this book was an ultimate thrill for me.Thanks toYvonne Mason for her faith in me, and for having the insight to choose me to help her navigate this drag queen world. Thanks to Peter for his energy and Marvolous Wit…We will always be connected with this superb Book! ”

Vicky Lane

Yes, the lovely Vicky Lane not only wrote the forward she also appears in this wonderful little comedy.

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A Five Star Review for Pennies From Heaven

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Pennies From Heaven

Pennies From Heaven

I was very humbled when I saw this review this morning. This book is very close to my heart and to know that it is being read and appreciated and  understood by those who read it is very humbling. Pennies from Heaven is not a how to book on grief. There is no such thing. It is a book filled with stories from others who have lost someone they loved. They have grieved and tried to heal in spite of the hole that remains in their hearts.
There is no set of rules for grief. There are however different steps of grief that we each must feel in order to move forward. If you stay stuck in any of those steps we cheat that person we grieve for. We cheat them of the life we had with them and their memories. Grief  and death are as much a part of life as living and being happy. We all must face it one day.
Pennies from Heaven doesn’t preach about the right or wrong way to grieve- it only shows how people have grieved and what they did after the grief was done. Everyone needs this little book. To read or to give away to someone who is grieving or about to grieve. It will help bring comfort – strength and hope to all.
5.0 out of 5 stars Soulfully Insightful… August 21, 2013
By GJLentz
Format:Kindle Edition
Death and grief are just one of those things in life we all have to deal with one day, and like many aspects of life that we all share, we do so in different ways and at different times. It can be very overwhelming, so reading these stories from different folks and their varying experiences and perspectives is quite the treasure. I’d recommend this book to anyone who has just lost a loved one, or someone- who after sometime- who is still coming to terms with their grief. Laugh, cry, be amazed, and move forward with these real life experiences and thoughts from folks just like me and you.

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Need an Ad of Any Kind I have the Perfect Ad Person

If you need an ad of any kind I know the perfect ad man. He goes by the name of Odd Man he can be found on facebook at – He has his own radio show on the internet. You can read all about it on his page. He does the audio part and either myself of my marketing person Kelly Koch can do the video part. Kelly can be reached at and on facebook at Both of these guys are very reasonable and you will not be disappointed.



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Apparently this Reader wants Fluff.

“Poorly written and repetitive. Definitely not worth the cost of the book or your time reading it. I purchased it based on the recommendation of our local newspaper as the author is a local resident”ByRichard Lizak

Today I saw this little tidbit of a review on The Last Rites which is my second true crime. Mr. Lizak apparently doesn’t read with an open mind nor does he understand true crime. Maybe he is used to other true crime writers who use fluff and sweet nothings as they write about the horrors of the taking of someone’s life. I do not write that way. Maybe he also does not understand all of the work and repetition that is involved in the solving of crimes. The hours spent by law enforcement talking to witnesses – running down leads that are a dead end, listening to lies and many times still not able to solve the crime.

Mr. Lizak- I just have a few words for you- open your mind- read like you are eating a fine meal. Enjoy it! If  you want fluff read a Harlequin Romance. If you want a sanitized true  crime read Ann Rule. If you don’t want to understand what the cops had to go through to solve this crime- what the victim went through as she was raped and executed then you are the loser.

Apparently you are not a native or else you would have also noticed the history of the area that was involved with this young woman who lost her life way to soon. You would have understood the frustration and anger that law enforcement had because they could not find her killer/killers. You would have understood the lack of forensic science of the day and you would have felt some sort of apathy for those involved.

Last but not least you would have understood that she was buried in an unmarked grave – forgotten and alone like she never existed. It is sad that all you could get out of this very painful story was your petty statement. It is sad that you chose to cheapen not only her life but also to insult her horrible death because of your lack of apathy and understanding.

My prayer is that you never experience this type of tragedy in your life – Pauline deserved better than what you gave her. Do us both a favor don’t bother reading my other true crime. The victims deserve better than you are willing to give.


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A Voice From the Grave First Quarter Sales Through the Roof

A Voice From the Grave Audio Book

Brook Forest Voices is pleased to announce that the first quarter numbers are in for the 2012 First Place CIPA EVVY award winner A Voice From the Grave. In one month alone this audio book sold almost three hundred copies.

“A Voice From The Grave” is one of the best civil war mysteries that I have ever read. Ms. Mason’s writing has the ability to transport the reader into the story to a point where one can almost see, hear, and feel what is happening. She does an incredible job of blending the past and present and doesn’t leave the reader confused or wondering what happened. One of the reasons that I really enjoyed this mystery is because I could not pre-guess the ending. I could not put this book down until I had finished it. I was surprised and delighted with the conclusion. The only “spoiler” I will give is that this is one of the first books concerning civil war prisons that I’ve read that has a female as a character. I will not say more so I do not give away any more spoilers but it is well worth reading. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes history, mysteries, or just a well-written book” By Lasla Moore


“Yvonne Mason does it again! From the compelling cover, through the historical accuracy and on to her carefully-woven mystery, Mason grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. History buffs will be pleased with the factual descriptive drama of a time and place of shame in our country’s past. Who hasn’t heard of the terrible, evil Andersonville? And who doesn’t wonder about the spiritual unrest of those who suffered and died horribly there? Get your copy of this audio book and be prepared to be thrust back into the time of the American Civil War, then brought forth to the present-day mystery. You will not want to turn it off.” Holly Fox Vellekoop


This review is from: A Voice from the Grave (Paperback)

This book, by Yvonne Mason was a mesmerizing read. Bouncing from the present day back to the days of the Civil War. The graphic words describing the hell hole which was known as Andersonville Prison was enough to put the reader right there in those circumstances, shivering with the horror suffered by the armies of this country’s greatest and bloodiest war. Families ripped apart and asunder often with no word of the fate of loved ones.

The mysterious and ghostly visitations leading the characters through a maze of confusion and eerie denial of the possibility of life after death to a die hard believer in such things as he and his niece, Savanna go on the hunt of their lives for the answers to the puzzle posed by the unearthing of two skeletons found at a dig they were working at the old Andersonville Prison. We go along with them as the secrets are unveiled, feeling the whisper of those gone beyond at the turning of every page.

The end was a pleasant surprise to me after an edge of the seat build up..I couldn’t have asked for better.
Yvonne is a very descriptive writer who reaches out to her readers and takes us with her into the web that snares us and brings us along. This is an in depth tale of the suffering of those who fought and gave the last full measure of devotion, and the families who came down through the years to breathe life into their legacy. Excellent read that won’t disappoint.


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